About us

Our company

Our staff are all musicians that have real life experience in live performance, digital and analog recording, system design and music tuition.

Our goal is provide you the equipment to make your journey as a musician one to remember for a lifetime, you provide the recipe and we will supply your ingredients.

We are always searching to make sure we are sourcing the cheapest and best quality equipment. We understand the value of money to an artist and that a dollar can go a long way.

To back it all up, we have a warranty guarantee that is unmatched in New Zealand. We stand by our products not just in price, but in quality too.

The Tremor Brand


Internationally made and accredited

Tremor brings together years of experience building high quality equipment as a parts supplier for leading audio manufacturers. They have used this experience to create top products at an unbeatable price.

Locally backed and supported

Bringing the Tremor Brand to New Zealand meant creating a support network to ensure any issues are sorted out accordingly. That's why all Tremor products come with a 12 month replacement warranty and a New Zealand based destination to return the products to.


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